Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Review: L'oreal Professionnel Intense Repair Mask

In this post I will be reviewing one of my all time favorite HG products, which I've been using for years and years... and will continue to do so; the L'Oreal Professional Series Expert Absolut Repair Masque.

If you are regularly dying your hair, or using heat tools (flat iron, blowdryer etc.), and experiencing breakage, then this product is for you.

At times I try to replace this mask with other treatments, as I like to rotate products I use on my hair, but I have to say this is the ONE that always yields the best results; manageable, strong hair, without feeling too "heavy", despite the product's thick creamy consistency.

The company claims this product intensively nourishes dry to very dry hair, and it lives up to it.


- Moisturizing without adding weight
- "A little goes a long way", as with all L'oreal Professionnel hair products. I only have to use a tiny amount on towel-dried hair, concentrating on my "fried" ends and the tube lasts me for at least 3 months (I apply it twice a week).
- Lives up to its claims, and results are visible on first application
- Minimizes breakage as it helps keep hair moisturized and shiny


- A little on the pricier side
- Takes a while to wash off. I have to rinse my hair for at least five minutes full blast to take any product residue off. Careful not to leave any on, as it will result in making your hair dull looking.


Product packaging states to leave it on towel-dried clean hair for 5-10 mins, enough time for the mask to do its work.

Also keep in mind to use a small amount each time, as it's easy to get carried away when using such products. I used to be the kind of person who would go through a tube in 3 weeks, until I was recommended by a stylist to use the smallest possible amount, because overconditioning can actually damage the hair, and that the product would work best when used this way, which I have found to be true.

I also discovered that using this after a clarifying shampoo (any drugstore brand is fine really) is even better, as it leaves the hair squeaky clean and the product is absorbed more efficiently.

An entire line of "intense repair" products is available, but I definitely wouldn't recommend splurging on them, unless your hair is severely damaged; all you really need is this mask. 

Final thoughts:

As I said, its no coincidence I have gone through numerous tubes of this product for years.

Defo a repurchase for me~!


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