Friday, 18 November 2011

HAUL: Korean Cosmetics (Etude House, Holika Holika, Skin 79, MISSHA)

Its HAUL time (i.e. my recent Korean cosmetics splurge)! xD

I purchased a few items from ebay recently, and I wanted to share my first impressions and thoughts.

Hope you can find something helpful in this post! ^^

ETUDE HOUSE Face Color Corset in Pink Lady Fit #4, and Highlighter Fit #1

Quite cheap and cutely packaged, first impressions from the Face Corset range are positive.
The Pink Lady Fit Blush is a quite light coral shade (more on the pastel side) and the highlighting powder seems good enough, not too chunky but not too fine shimmer either.

Cute packaging <3

Close-up of the products opened.


This is supposed to reduce oiliness, which is why I gave it a try, even though I'm not technically a "girl"... lol Haven't tried it on my face yet, but I'll review it soon. 
Lovin' the colors of the tube, but no pump!

Swatched heavily (texture is quite watery and pretty sheer coverage)

ETUDE HOUSE Petit Darling Eye Shadow - Matte

I needed an all over matte shade, and chose pastel blue ^^.
Not very intense in terms of pigmentation but it definitely does the job for an all over eye color.

Came in sealed.
Close up of Petit Darling Eyes opened.

MISSHA The Style Eyeliner Pencil in White #01

OK... I'm in love with this pencil liner. I was running low on Benefit's eye bright, and needed a replacement, but I ended up buying this instead.

I initially feared this would be too intense for the waterline, but it looks and works so well for me!!

Not extremely pigmented, but buildable... without looking weird or anything.

MISSHA The Style Liner
Swatched <3

Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Dot Liner

I always save the best for the end, and since this is a very interesting eyeliner, its definitely worth the spotlight of this haul! :D

It's a pretty gimmicky product but, I just could not say no to the amazing packaging, and the fact that Holika Holika is endorsed by CNBlue.

The most interesting aspect of this pen liner is the actual brush, kinda looks like three fine marker tips bundled together. And yes it does work for tightlining (already tried it on top of my make up today!).

This eyeliner should however come with a warning... IT STAINS!!! Swatched it on my hand for this post and had to wash my hands over and over to get rid of the dots... and couldn't get rid of them completely. Now for me this is a good thing, but I'm not sure everyone would like it.


Tip of the liner.

Swatched: Pretty watery consistency, sank into my pores... but fortunately it looks much better on the eyes! xD

Review: Koji DollyWink Eyeliner Pen

Super Cute Polka Dot Packaging! ^^
This review is on one of the most talked about eyeliners, the Koji Dolly Wink Pen liner.

Now, before I get into more detail for this review, I have to say I was tempted to buy this, after reading and watching all the raving reviews on it.

Having used the liner enough to review it personally, I admit I wasn't particularly impressed. Probably cause my expectations were a liiiiiittle too high! xD

Product Pros and Cons

  • The super fine and stable precision tip of this liner makes it perfect for beginners or drawing a nice crisp, clean line when in a hurry. ;)
  • Very pigmented for a pen liner. I have tried TONS in this range and this is by far the best
  • Perfect for tightlining, if used with caution.
  • An ideal liner to carry in your make-up bag for touch ups when you're on the go, thanks to its cute and handy packaging.
Super fine and stable precision tip!

  • Not as lasting as I expected, in fact this eyeliner fades on me throughout the day, as I have pretty oily eyelids, so you'll definitely need touch ups if you apply this product only. On a positive sidenote, there was no transfer whatsoever to the top, which is something I have always experienced with liquid pen liners.
  • Didn't do well in regard to water resistance either. Winter makes my eyes quite teary and sadly my wing was gone by the time I was home and checked it in the mirror. So if you're looking for a fool-proof waterproof eyeliner, then definitely look for something else (the ETUDE HOUSE Proof 10, that I already reviewed, is a great and affordable waterproof liquid liner). 
  • Quite pricey for what it is. I purchased mine for ebay for 18USD incl. shipping costs. 


    Keep in mind that my skin is on the oilier side, so I always have trouble finding a liner that actually stays put!

    One swipe was enough to get this much pigmentation!!

    Smudge test: Failed! D=

    Final Thoughts:

    Overall, I don't think this liner is bad at all, it's the best of all liquid pen liners I've used, but it's not an all purpose eyeliner, especially if you have oily eyelids. :(

    If you're someone who likes to wear intense or smokey eye shadow looks and wants a little definition, then look no further, the Koji Dolly wink will not dissapoint you.

    If on the other hand you want this for a bold winged liner look, which is what I personally go for on a daily basis, then I would not recommend this product.

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