Friday, 18 November 2011

Review: Koji DollyWink Eyeliner Pen

Super Cute Polka Dot Packaging! ^^
This review is on one of the most talked about eyeliners, the Koji Dolly Wink Pen liner.

Now, before I get into more detail for this review, I have to say I was tempted to buy this, after reading and watching all the raving reviews on it.

Having used the liner enough to review it personally, I admit I wasn't particularly impressed. Probably cause my expectations were a liiiiiittle too high! xD

Product Pros and Cons

  • The super fine and stable precision tip of this liner makes it perfect for beginners or drawing a nice crisp, clean line when in a hurry. ;)
  • Very pigmented for a pen liner. I have tried TONS in this range and this is by far the best
  • Perfect for tightlining, if used with caution.
  • An ideal liner to carry in your make-up bag for touch ups when you're on the go, thanks to its cute and handy packaging.
Super fine and stable precision tip!

  • Not as lasting as I expected, in fact this eyeliner fades on me throughout the day, as I have pretty oily eyelids, so you'll definitely need touch ups if you apply this product only. On a positive sidenote, there was no transfer whatsoever to the top, which is something I have always experienced with liquid pen liners.
  • Didn't do well in regard to water resistance either. Winter makes my eyes quite teary and sadly my wing was gone by the time I was home and checked it in the mirror. So if you're looking for a fool-proof waterproof eyeliner, then definitely look for something else (the ETUDE HOUSE Proof 10, that I already reviewed, is a great and affordable waterproof liquid liner). 
  • Quite pricey for what it is. I purchased mine for ebay for 18USD incl. shipping costs. 


    Keep in mind that my skin is on the oilier side, so I always have trouble finding a liner that actually stays put!

    One swipe was enough to get this much pigmentation!!

    Smudge test: Failed! D=

    Final Thoughts:

    Overall, I don't think this liner is bad at all, it's the best of all liquid pen liners I've used, but it's not an all purpose eyeliner, especially if you have oily eyelids. :(

    If you're someone who likes to wear intense or smokey eye shadow looks and wants a little definition, then look no further, the Koji Dolly wink will not dissapoint you.

    If on the other hand you want this for a bold winged liner look, which is what I personally go for on a daily basis, then I would not recommend this product.


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